About US

Amari Musiq is a record label, founded in 2015 in Nigeria, Africa. Upon its birth, it signed on two music acts; Grey c, a fiery yet soulful afro-pop artist with a wealth of vocal dexterity and musical presence and Walid, who hails from Tanzania and delivers breathtaking songs in Swahili. The launch of Amari Musiq reintroduced “Young Greyc” as “GreyC” with two hot singles, “Body On Me” and “Wonder” which immediately drew the line between where she had been and her new path in Music.

Amari Musiq is an entity run by music professionals with years of Music and Entertainment experience with the aim of positively contributing to not just Nigerian Music but African music as a whole and armed with prospects of creating great music that will globally be recognised, respected and loved by all races.

Alongside, the record label is a state of the art music production studio “Amari Studios” which boasts of a live recording set up as well as a state of the art, fully equipped, music engineering section which caters to cooperate bodies as well as a music enthusiast and artists. It is run on a daily schedule of sessions that provide services that cover music recording, production, live sessions, voice overs, mixing and mastering of records, sound engineering, stage mixing, movie mood creations and other audio related services.

Situated in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, Amari Musiq is definitely a music body to contend with and runs with the objectives to take African music to the rest of the world.